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How To Keep Impact Windows Streak Free

When choosing the right windows for your home or office there are a few things that you want to take into consideration. First is the type of glass that will best fit your needs. We have a variety of high impact windows which will help protect your home or office during heavy rain storms, hurricanes, as well as keeping unwanted intruders at bay. Of course you will also want to pick a style of window that will not only be safe but also add beauty to your home or office. We offer windows with other benefits such as windows treated with UV filters which help keep your home cool during summers. These windows also reduce your energy bills as well as the amount of harmful UV rays that you and your family are exposed to. Along with these incredible benefits, impact windows need to remain streak free in order to maintain that wonderful look they bring to a home.

Maintaining high impact windows is fairly easy. Many of our windows have already been treated to help keep them clean but of course over time there can be a buildup of dust and dirt which can easily be removed. Keeping your windows clean is very easy and starts with the products you will use to clean your windows. Windows can be cleaned by simply using water but this method has the tendency to leave streaks once it has dried. Hard water especially is not great to clean with because the minerals that are in the water are what leaves the streaks behind when cleaning. If you plan on simply using water the best option would be to use distilled water. Distilled water has many of the impurities removed through distillation which makes for a great option when used to clean.

Another great option to clean your glass or window surface is to use a combination of 50% distilled water with 50% vinegar. Vinegar is an all-around great option for cleaning anything but especially when cleaning glass surface because of its ability to leave no streaks. There are also many options for streak free cleaners from the store such as Windex but these are some of the best ways to keep your windows looking great with everyday household items.

nce you have decided which type of cleaner you are going to be using, there is another important factor in keeping your windows streak free. Ditch the paper towels! Paper towels not only leave streaks because they don’t remove all the moisture from the glass, but they also tend to leave lint traces on the glass. You want to use a micro-fiber cloth which sucks up all the moisture from the glass as well as collects dust and lint left behind. Even better than a micro-fiber cloth is the use of a handful of newspaper! Newspaper does wonders on glass because of the type of material that its made out of. Newspaper is pretty gritty as well, which helps remove dust and dirt but it is also very absorbent which is why it is a great option for cleaning glass or windows. Just make sure to wear gloves because the ink will get on your hands!

As you see there are many options when it comes to keeping your windows clean and streak free. We hope that some of these ideas will help you keep your windows clean and your home beautiful. Vico Windows is your one-stop shop for all your South Florida impact window needs and with our great customer service and installation team we ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with whichever option you choose!

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